Amid the splendor of the garden displays and the bustling marketplace scene among the vendors in Minett Hall, kids attending GardenScape will find plenty of activities and fun of their own at this year’s Children’s Garden, sponsored by MVP Health Care.

As a nationally recognized, regional not-for-profit health plan, MVP Health Care is committed to having a positive impact on the health and wellness of everyone it serves.

In addition to a crafting table and the popular planting garden, where children take home their own seedlings, this year’s exhibit offers kids the chance to stroll through an enchanted forest and meet some very enchanted characters, indeed.

“Once again, this year’s Children’s Garden will be a special place for kids to have fun and to learn something, too” said Dave McGowan, who is in charge of the garden and its activities.  “Our guests will include the appearance of actor Karl Holtz, who starred as the Tooth Fairy in she short comic movie “Filling In,” much of which was filmed right here in Rochester.  We’ll actually show the movie at times during GardenScape.”

The jam-packed schedule of special visitors to the Children’s Garden includes birds of prey from Wild Wings, Inc. (Saturday and Sunday 11 am-2 pm); animals  from the Seneca Park Zoo (Saturday and Sunday, 1-2 pm); KatFish Mermaid (various times Saturday and Sunday), an affable performer who relates extremely well with children; several local sports teams’ mascots; and other enchanted characters.

In addition, a scavenger hunt with prizes will be held for the kids, who will be on the lookout for certain items hidden among the GardenScape landscape displays.

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